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  • What is the story behind the name Mora?
    Mora is named after the Chinese name of Upper Lascar Row where generations ago, the street once housed travelers and traders from the Middle East and Southeast Asia. The name Mora pays homage to the rich diversity of Hong Kong while also representing the Chinese character [摩] meaning texture; an aspect that differentiates the myriad of soy-made products.
  • Is Mora a vegetarian/vegan restaurant?
    The menu at Mora is created to highlight the various culinary possibilities of soybeans which include tofu, soy milk, skin, soy pulp, fermented bean curd, etc. We are not a vegan restaurant, though there may be meat-free dishes on the menu.
  • Where do you source the soybeans from?
    We are using only non-GMO Canadian soybeans.
  • Are animal products used in any of the dishes?
    Carefully sourced ingredients including meat and seafood are used in harmony with different textures of soy. Meat-free dishes are also available options.
  • What are the health benefits of soy?
    Research has shown that soy is a good protein alternative to meat and dairy products. Moderate consumption of soy products may help reduce cholesterol and other dietary issues.
  • Can you accommodate dietary requests?
    Please inform us at the time of booking if there are dietary requests. Our chefs will try their best to accommodate.
  • Is Mora suitable for children?
    We invite all children and families to join us at Mora.
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